Jesus Pops the Question

During the ministry of Jesus we sometimes hear him asking what might seem like an odd question before he heals a person. We hear him ask questions like….Do you want to get well? Do you believe I can heal you? What do you want me to do for you? These questions can sometimes frustrate us….of course we want to we well Jesus. But what we discover is not a test of our faith but rather an invitation from Jesus to a person who is hurting….the question is in your situation who am I to you. Your healer? Your Saviour? Jesus invites us to go deep in our relationship with him and to see that in Christ, our connection with God intact, we have access to all we need. Are we willing to invest in our relationship with Christ? Are we willing to stay connected to where are help comes from?

Melbourne Inclusive Church boldly and proudly proclaims Christ’s equal love for all people regardless of their ability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, age, gender or culture.

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