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On Palm Sunday we celebrate the day that Jesus came to town. The people celebrating as their King rides in on a donkey- shouts of Hosannah, Hosannah-save us-He will and He does just not the way they thought. The people had been oppressed under Roman rule and wanted vindication.

But what happens when the Romans are gone? We would still be oppressed by the sin that weighs us down. Jesus died in our place to vindicate us in the eyes of God-to remove our sin by taking it onto himself. We can come to him anytime and know that we will be welcome, that He will save us and call us friend.

Melbourne Inclusive Church boldly and proudly proclaims Christ’s equal love for all people regardless of their ability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, age, gender, race, ethnicity, or culture.

Melbourne Inclusive Church is part of the EMI Global family of churches.