Each one of us have the potential to impact many others either for good or not so good. Our stories, our service, our care or lack thereof reaches far wider than we could ever imagine. When it comes to sharing what Jesus has done for us, and through us, there is a ripple effect that happens in the hearts of the hearers. Let’s spur each other on to share our encounters with Jesus…to allow ourselves to be open and relatable to a world that might need to make a similar journey with Jesus. Say his Name say it proud and share it with the crowd. To support the ministry of Melbourne Inclusive Church go to:https://www.michurch.org.au/your-gift

Melbourne Inclusive Church boldly and proudly proclaims Christ’s equal love for all people regardless of their ability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, age, gender or culture. Melbourne Inclusive Church is a church plant of Encounter Missions International.